Write essay on good manners

Write essay on good manners

An essay is a way to express your thoughts on a topic, and this is the task often given to students in colleges or schools. An essay always consists of three parts: introduction, main part and conclusion. Therefore, if you need to write essay on good manners, you definitely need to learn all the subtleties of writing an essay.

From the introduction, it should first be clear what type of essay it is. Information should also be provided on the text, which will be discussed below. This includes the information you collected during preparation and a brief summary of the text.

This should always follow the same pattern and answer the so-called questions: who does, what does, where, when and why? A summary is usually written in the present tense, even if the original text was written in past tense.

It is important that the general introduction is not too long. This should be about ten percent of the essay. Concentrate on the main events and do not lose yourself in unimportant details.

The central element of each essay is the main part

It is the most informative and, therefore, the most important part in each essay. Its importance should also be reflected in the duration, which should be about eighty percent of the total essay.

The main part of the essay should follow the red thread. This means that the questions raised or the arguments presented must have a clear logic. You can, for example, choose a chronological structure. In addition, you can thematically build the bulk of your essay. In this case, you are also working on related aspects in the same section of meaning.

The best way to do this is to navigate the mind map that you have prepared during the preparation process. From the point of view of a graphic representation of all the important moments, it often happens that an integral structure of the main part appears. Whether you decide the chronological or thematic structure, you decide.

The last section is in its own class, because it combines the ideas obtained when working with a topic, text analysis, interpretation or characterization. Make sure that you present only the results or draw conclusions that were drawn from the main part or discussed.

Your own opinion is allowed here. When the essay ends with a meaningful sentence, it leaves a good impression on the reader. However, as in the introduction, the conclusion should be only a small part of the general essay.

If you wrote your essay for school, you should not send the first version directly. Only a critical review and correction gives the text the necessary strokes. Carefully read the text after having written at least once (preferably several times with a small amount of time).

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