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Online Plagiarism Checker

PrePost online plagiarism check is often used to verify the originality of content. You can detect plagiarism by simply copying the content, or upload files. Using the plagiarism-detector is essential to protect your content as duplicate content by Google are not accepted. Plagiarized content can harm your search engine website and your ranking.

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100% free tool:

We have planned to offer this tool completely free and now we have done it! You can freely and freely use often plagiarism.

How to check on plagiarism:

It’s not rocket science to check papers on plagiarism. All you have to do is add the content you want to check for plagiarism, and click on the submit button. Let now our online scan tool will do the rest of things.



If you are copying the contents of the input field, our tool breaks your text in small sets of 7-10 words. After the sentences were divided, sentence by sentence plagiarism is checked and the results are displayed in real time. We would like to provide you the best anti-plagiarism report for your content.

We respect our users. Every article you check in is 100% safe. We do not share your content publicly. In addition, we do not store your content in our database.

What is checked for plagiarism?

The text you entered is scanned block by block in search engines. There will be two types of results.

  1. the tested set already exists on the Internet, a red alert is displayed and the content will be marked as plagiarism. your content is unique, a green marker for this set is displayed. After a full scan of a total score indicates how unique this text. density : Calculate the keyword density of your content and let you the results for the keyword density for one word, two words “and display three words Check Prepostseos independent keyword density check. tool from.

What is plagiarism?

It is defined as “the process of copying data from the Internet or to get someone’s idea and then share as its own data is called plagiarism.”

This is highly undesirable practice and is considered fraud because it involves immoral activities, to steal the data or idea and then output it as his own. Because of this fraudulent activity, many software tools have been developed that are used to detect plagiarism. The main purpose for the use of this software is to scan the instances of the copied data. The online duplicate content check not only checks the stolen data, but also the sources of the stolen data.

Prepost SEO copy pasted content check is specifically designed to check papers, assignments, essays, thesis and articles for students, writer, teacher and webmaster. It is the best online text checker for students, webmasters and for educational institutions. Our anti-plagiarism software, you can generate and release (all reports are 100% sure only you can look at these reports) online reports. Universities and colleges have called our tool as the “best free plagiarism online check”.

PrepostSEO developed this online detector for authors to determine the originality of their article and to avoid that their content is plagiarized. To make this online check quickly, we have Writing Bee tried every method to improve the user experience. This online software scans not only the percentage of plagiarism, but also shows you the grammar and spelling errors in your essay, article or your task. If you want to compare two documents for plagiarism, you can use the plagiarism-comparison tool.

What other parameters are displayed?

If you are using plagiarism check online, you need to check other things about the input content. Therefore, even the content status, keyword density and other useful information is displayed with which you can improve your content?

types of plagiarism scanners

This software usually contains a text box into which you can insert the lines or paragraphs that you want to check for plagiarism. All plagiarized Lines and paragraphs underlined in red, and the percentage of the underlined data is also displayed. This tool is also used in search engine optimization. It is used by students to check the items or tasks and to make this original by all plagiarism be deleted. Similarly, teachers also use paid plagiarism checks to the knowledge level of the student to assess. SEO specialists use this tool to check their hired professionals because they require 100% unique content from them. The publication of the duplicated text is a big crime and to minimize this risk, almost every site used this tool before the publication of the content.

When the search process is completed by the search engines, you can also create reports to share with your teacher, author, or your author.

How to avoid plagiarism?

If you’re a student, writer or author of a magazine, you would certainly submit 100% unique articles. check some plagiarism tools your content once and show the overall result for your job or what have you ever filed, to check for plagiarism. But the PrepostSEO online plagiarism check is free and the tool checks every sentence and word by word.

If you want to avoid plagiarism of your content

There are a number of ways that you can make your content 100% unique and useful. Second, do not try to be content with the help of online tools rewrite automatically as these tools can help you deliver original content, but they destroy the grammar, spelling, and writing style.